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Picket Fence decorations, pt 1

I was given a large white picket fence the other day and it has been raining for 2 days, making it impossible to create what I wanted.  I did manage to dry a few pickets inside, so I thought I would try to make a few things from my Pinterest “to try” board.  A few months ago, my dollar store had drawer handles 2/1.00, and I just couldn’t resist buying a few dozen.  I knew I would use them someday, and today was the day.  I took one of the pickets and put a fresh white wash on it and added several knobs,  to create a coat rack out of it.  I was happy with the results 🙂

I really thought I did a better job of centering, but after looking at the picture, lol, guess not.

I collect silver and silverplate, I love making jewelry and wind chimes with them, so I bent a few spoons and put a tea light candle on each spoon.  I also added a fresh white wash on the picket and I really like the way this came out.  I will definitely make more of these !!  7/27/12 update… glue didn’t  hold the spoons on the board, will try a different adhesive tomorrow.

Hopefully more of the fence will be dried out tomorrow and I can try making a shelf or bench.  Until then, I am attempting to make sheet covered hangers I saw on Pinterest the other day, I thought they looked really cute and would fit in with my decor 🙂

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