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TeaCup Bracelets ? why not?

Last fall I found a pin on Pinterest showing a teacup bracelet and I instantly fell in love with them.  I went to the artists site on Etsy and knew I could never afford one of her beautiful bracelets.  I have a very large collection of teacups, but I didn’t want to “attempt” making one out of my collection, so off to Goodwill I went.  I found a few and began the journey on how to make them.

I googled it and found a few threads on how people had attempted to make them, but not one had complete success.  I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure this out, and attempted to cut a few with my dremel, but without success, just added more pieces to my mosaic collection 🙂  I decided a wet tile saw would be the solution, not realizing what I was getting into.  I built a jig to hold my cup and fired up the wet saw, did I mention I have never operated one before, lol.  My kitchen was coated with ceramic dust, mixed with water, what a mess !!  I did end up with a wonderful bracelet that just needed some fine sanding to finish it off.

If you have been following my blog, you probably noticed that I am never happy with 1 of anything.  I managed to get Don involved (what a great sport)  and we moved the project to the basement, covered the area with drop cloths and cut a few more.  I am totally in love with the finished product, and love wearing them when I get dressed up.

12 thoughts on “TeaCup Bracelets ? why not?

  1. Fantastic!

    Would you be willing to make and sell them cheaper than what’s on ETSY? I, too, can’t afford what I found there, but I also don’t own a wet drill. I’m getting married and my reception theme is a vintage high tea party theme. These would be perfect for my bride’s maids gifts.

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