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the thrill is in the hunt

I like to shop at thrift stores.  I like thrift stores because you can find the most amazing and startling things there, and finding a small treasure amid trash is thrilling.  I happened to be working by my local Goodwill and I just can’t resist stopping in.  The employees are wonderful, the location is well-organized (by color), and everyday they have designated a color tag to be 50% off.  Today was a green day !!  I have a ritual, I always start on the left and go up and down every aisle twice, you would be amazed at what you miss the first time.  I have been looking at this large double dresser that has been $9.99 for a week, and it would be 50% off today……so tempted……I really want to make a bench out of.   Give me strength, lol

I am thrilled with what I did end up buying today, and the total was $10.62.  I have a Goodwill rewards card and it also gives me %10 off for being a senior (yes I said it).


I am really excited about the pink cream and sugar, I am thinking curtain tie-backs with the teacups,  raised cake plates with the candle holders, tuna can colonial lamps with the globes and I fell in love with that polka dot sheet !

What do you think?  Was the hunt worth it?  I think yes..

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