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How To Make a Low Budget Light Box

I have a hard time taking pictures.  I live in a log home, so I don’t have the light reflecting walls, it also makes it impossible to grow plants, except in one window.  I have tried turning on every light and it doesn’t seem to work, I have also tried taking pictures in direct sunlight, but they are always backlit.  I have wanted a light box, but didn’t want to spend the money.  Today I watched a video on making your own light box and I had everything but the light bulbs, so off to Lowe’s I went.

Here are the supplies needed to build your light box:

a box, poster board, yard stick, scissors, razor knife, tissue paper and tape.

The video will show you how to cut the openings and place the poster board and tissue paper.

You will also need 3 clip lights and 3 natural light bulbs, I bought mine at Lowe’s 23w CFL’s.

I took some pictures with my new light box and I was thrilled with how they came out.  All of the items have been posted on my blog so you can see the differences.

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “How To Make a Low Budget Light Box

    1. thanks, it cost about 12 dollars for the bulbs, and I had everything else, so I think its a great deal. Post pictures 🙂

  1. I have the same problem! My pictures always have something random in the background or the lighting is off. I had no idea a light box was this easy. Thank you for the great idea – can’t wait to make a light box this weekend!

    1. I agree, I want a real big one now, but storing it is a problem. I actually have to redo one side, I ripped the tissue paper moving it to my workbench.

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