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spoon handle key ring, part 2

I have been making spoon handle key rings for quite a while, but I have been seeing key rings that are bent into a hook, so they hang on your purse.  The reason for this is you will no longer have to dig around your purse, looking for your keys.  Sounded like a great idea to me, so I had to  play at my workbench tonight.

I had to make a few regular key rings while I was at it, and play with my light box, this time adding a black background 🙂  I have to say that I am loving the light box 🙂

4 thoughts on “spoon handle key ring, part 2

  1. Great idea! Can you post how to make into a key ring or let me know how to acquire one. I’m still working thru chronic illness and the spoon theory reminds me to slow down & think about how best to accomplish it 🙂
    Health & happiness

    1. Thank you Narelle, I just saw off the bowl of a spoon with a chop saw and bend it with pliers. I practiced on cheap dollar store spoons first and then upgraded to silver-plate. There are many for sale on ebay and etsy, but you should try and make your own, the tools cost about 10 dollars. I am making more this weekend and putting on my etsy site next week.

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