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diy crackle finish

Have you looked at the price of crackle finish lately?  At your local craft store, the prices is about 8 dollars for 8 ounces, too expensive for me !  I use white glue, and it works as well as any crackle medium I have used.

Supplies needed:

  • item you want to paint
  • 3 sponge brushes
  • white glue, I usually use elmers
  • 2 colors of paint

Paint your item, I painted a wood plaque I bought at the dollar store.  This is your base coat, which is also the color that you will see in the crackle.

When the paint is dried completely, apply a thick layer of glue.  You will only get the crackle effect on surfaces that have glue on them.  This is where you can be creative !  I painted mine in a straight pattern because I wanted the look of old wood, but you can swirl or ripple your glue pattern.

While the glue is still wet, apply your second coat.  This step is very important, if the glue dries before applying the paint, it will not crackle.  Use long steady strokes, do not go back and forth or paint over an area twice.


Now the fun begins, it is fun to watch paint dry !!


See how quickly you can see the results….. Let it dry overnight

I decided to make a candle holder out of a silver-plate ladle I had, but am not sure what candle I like best, tea light or votive?  decisions….  decisions…..

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