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The Soul of the Dog

A few weeks ago, my friend Molly’s dog, Murray, had his eyes painted by artist Sheila Wedegis.   She is dedicating all of March to painting dogs’ eyes, or as she puts it, the soul of the dog.  Sheila posted an invitation to send our photo to her of our dog, and I sent her a picture of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Princess Fiona.  I received an email the next day that she would be painting Fiona’s eye !  I started following Sheila’s blog and fell in love with her painting style, and how she captures their soul, through their eyes.

SOULOFTHEDOG#15This is the painting she did of my Princess Fiona, she has captured her sweetness and her beauty and I cannot wait to receive the painting.

I can’t forget about Murray, and his mom Molly, who introduced me to Sheila’s work.  Murray is a Golden Doodle, who has his own blog, Murray’s Mouth.

Soulofthedog#2A little bit about Sheila…

Born in Boston, Sheila Wedegis has spent most of her life in the New England area. Sheila relocated to Palm Bay, FL from Portsmouth, NH with her husband, Roger, three cats and her black lab, Sophie and chocolate lab, Fergus. Art has been her passion and expression since she was a child. Her formal training was at Butera School of Art in Boston, however  her greatest growth has been in the actual “doing” …painting what she knows and loves

Through on going studies and workshops, observations and experimentation, there has been a constant rebirth with herself and her work.   While grounding themselves in the realities of her life, Ms. Wedegis’ pieces contain an unmistakable spiritual essence.

“To touch the soul of one other person, to know they are not alone on this journey” is the dedication of her work and the reflection of her life’s journey.



Stop by and look at Sheila’s piece’s, I guarantee you will love her work.

Thank you Sheila!


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5 minute Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a fun way to display everything from cotton balls in your bathroom to Easter Candy on your dessert table.  All you need is a glass candle holder, a glass jar with a lid and E6000.  You probably already have what need in the back of that cupboard where things get lost, yes, we all have that cupboard.



I saw a video online that shows you how to make it in 15 seconds, basically you apply E6000 on the candle holder, put the jar on top and let dry.  That’s it, Easy Peasy ! I filled my jars with Easter Candy to display on my dessert table.  I found candy button strips at the dollar store today and instantly went back to when I was in grade school and would stop at the penny candy store.


Happy Crafting !

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Will You Be My Valentine?

I am proud to be part of the  “Lovey-Dovey” edition of  Collectively Creative, hosted by Kelly of Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons!

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is approaching once again, and I am thinking about what Valentine’s Day means to me.  It first became important to me in grade school.  I remember picking out a box of assorted valentines at our locally owner drug store.  I have always attended schools with small class sizes, so one box always was sufficient.  I always looked forward to exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with my friends and classmates.   My mother would help me write everyone’s names on the envelopes and I would sign my name on the back of each card.  I still have all of the Valentines  I gave my mother, she saved every card I gave her in a folder, and gave them to me when I had a place of my own.

The tradition ended in fifth grade, the days when a simple card or a small heart-shaped box of candy that made you smile were over, it now had a new meaning.  It was no longer about friendship and fun, it was for the girls that were dating, my mother would still give me a valentine and that cute little box of candy in the shape of a heart.  Valentine’s Day took a new twist in High School, it was now about big cards, stuffed animals and a big box of candy, if you were dating, and if you weren’t, you would pretend the day didn’t exist.

Valentine’s Day as an adult has an entirely different meaning.  In the beginning of my 20 year relationship it was nice restaurants, fancy flowers and great chocolates, now we are lucky to have the evening off of work.  The day is still special, but in a different way.  The day is not about spending money and giving gifts, but more about making time for each other and giving love.  I have given Don the same Valentine, birthday card and father’s day card for 20 years, he opens it up, says it is the perfect card, sets it on the table and forgets about it.  I put the cards back in my special drawer for next year…….  It is a joke with my friends, and I have a friend that actually beat me on this joke.  My friend gave her husband a card, he read it and set it on the table, she took it back to the store and got her money back, lol.  He never even noticed that the card wasn’t sealed or signed.  Priceless !!

Love is the greatest gift we can give and receive, but it has to be everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.  The day has become very commercial, with exchanging extravagant gifts and dining in expensive, overly crowded restaurants.  My day will be filled with  kindness, time, compassion, respect, and thoughtfulness to the people I love.

I love you means so much more than three words inscribed on a candy heart.

rugs-bannerIn the last 6 months, I have spent endless hours teaching myself to crochet.  I have been on a mission to find a heart rag rug pattern that wasn’t difficult for beginners and wanted to share my findings with you.

This place mat pattern is free and I added a few extra rows to make it a rug.  The instructions are well written and I was very happy with the results.

h2aI also found a wonderful pattern on Etsy that is also well written and the seller invited me to write if I had any problems.  The only problems I am having with crochet is my own errors, lack of following details and maintaining stitch tension.


If you have a great heart pattern you would like to share, or if you follow one of the patterns I have provided, please share, I would love to see your creations 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

I love looking at the online store Anthropologie and have been inspired by many of their products.  Last November I saw their Mason Jar Snow Globes and they were priced between 22 and 38 dollars.  I thought to myself, who would spend that kind of money?  I went back a week later and they were sold out, so I guess there are many people with money to burn.  I never got a chance to make one, but when we opened gifts on Christmas Eve, Jen made me one.  Everyone loves snow globes, and I have never received a hand-made one.  It has a winter snow-covered tree scene with several types of glitter, giving off an incandescent shine.  This is one gift that I am going to keep out and display all year.

Thanks Jen 🙂




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The Spirit of Christmas

The holiday season is typically a time for families to gather round the dinner table, break bread, share stories, and enjoy one another’s company. Unfortunately, not every individual or family is able to partake in the joy of the season due to hard economic times.  I strive in giving back to the community and adopt a family every year, but this year I decided to do something different.

I am very fortunate to be associated with two amazing local businesses, and I received a call asking if I was interested in being part of a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser. I immediately said yes, but since it wasn’t front page news, I, like many, thought this natural disaster was under control and in the rebuilding stages.  I have never been so wrong !!

We decided to start a Hurricane Sandy “Fill A Truck” fundraiser, and then drive the filled truck to an area in need, about four hours away.  I made phone calls for weeks, trying to find a drop area, and every call was a dead-end.  One of the partner businesses is associated with Rotary International and he wrote a letter, asking for assistance in finding a drop area, Rotary International responded immediately with contact names and areas in need.

I started calling the contact people, and I was not prepared for what I would hear, didn’t the papers and the news say that they were in the rebuilding phase?  The first woman I spoke with told me how her group is helping several churches and food pantries and after fifteen minutes on the phone I asked her if she had any damage.  I had no idea that the woman I had been talking to for this length of time had lost everything, her home and business.  She continued to tell me what life has been like for her, living in a house with no power, in the winter, not having a car, both were ruined, but she is focused on helping people who are left fortunate than her.  This is not an isolated story, a post written on December 8 about current conditions, “The debris pile as you enter Seaside Heights is 2 stories high and the size of one or more football fields”.  Visit Rotary International to read more about how you can help.

Our “Fill A Truck” fundraiser is going to be a success, and I am grateful to be a part of such a great community that is willing to help others in need.

In the Spirit of Christmas, reach out and pay it forward.

I’m excited to be a part of this edition of Collectively Creative! The theme for this month is, appropriately, being Joyful.

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On a Roll…………..

I have very dark areas in my house, it is that awkward space between the cupboards and your ceiling, and I am always looking for ways to brighten them up.  I always have mini lights lit, or my kitchen looks like a cave and I decorated with some branches that were laying in my yard, but I wanted something else, something sparkly.  I save toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, so I thought I would make snowflakes and hang them from the branches.

Muffin Tin Mom has a great tutorial and they are super easy to make.  I first followed her directions and cut them 3/4 in, but decided I wanted them thinner, so I cut them in half.  I spray painted them and then sprayed with glitter, and hung them on the branches.  I only painted eight of them, I wanted to see how I liked them, and I do!!  I have thirty more cut out and glued, I am thinking about spraying them gold or silver and see which I like best.

These snowflakes turn out so pretty and festive no one will ever know they are made from a recycled toilet paper roll.



Looking 10 ft up
Looking 10 ft up





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All Bottles in a Row

I love, LOVE lighted wine bottles.  I posted a how to video in August on how to make a wine bottle light, I wanted a few for my kitchen window. Thanks to my wonderful friends who give me their recycling, I had collected a wide assortment of beautiful bottles.  The bottles ranged from blue Flex wine, Saratoga sparkling water, to Tequila and Rum bottles.  I was feeling ambitious one day and drilled holes in all of them and added lights.  As I was adding lights to each bottle, I was like a kid at Christmas, mesmerized by the lights, and the beauty that each bottle gave off when lit.   I love the dramatic visual they created all lined up.

Dig out your bottles and  follow my previous post.  Not only will you get a dramatic display, you get another excuse to buy more wine, too. *wink*


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eco-friendly, handmade, and vintage items for the whole family and the home

Do you have a friend that always has the coolest stuff, and you’re constantly saying, “Where did you find that?” 
 Sincerely Liz Boutique carries a wide variety of eco-friendly, handmade, and vintage items for the whole family and the home.
Paypal accepted, as well as free local pickup and delivery 🙂
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Old Book Lamp

Do you have some old books collecting dust and you just don’t know what to do with them?  Why not make a lamp? I make several different ones and this one doesn’t require drilling a hole in the books.

Supplies needed:

  • Old books
  • Candle lamp
  • Doily
  • Glue gun
  • Mod podge or white glue
  • Twigs or vine
  • Old eye glasses

Pick out books that you would like to create the base of your lamp, you can choose as many as you like.  I like to glue the sides of the books with Mod Podge so when I pick up the lamp the books won’t open.  I let the books dry overnight, and when they are dry, I glue the books together, using a hot glue gun.  I glue the doily to the books and then the candle lamp, also using a glue gun.  I like to put some twigs or vines around the base of the lamp and add a pair of old eye glasses, gluing in place.  To add more country charm, add a silicone bulb.  If you would like t make your own silicone bulbs, here is my tutorial.


Have you made a book lamp?  I would love to see what you have created, please share your link.




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Thanksgiving requests

What does celebrating Thanksgiving represent or symbolize to you?

Our Thanksgiving is about family, and our menu is always a family affair. I start thinking about the menu in September, asking family members what they would like this year, I love taking special requests, and my family enjoys having their requests served.  I just spent a wonderful evening with two of my favorite ladies discussing the menu.

I love the holiday; it’s on my top 2 list, Christmas being number 1.   I am totally, 100 percent in it for the turkey, and I look forward to the leftovers.  I tend to overdo, so I was thinking about a simpler menu, but who am I kidding,..  We always had an open door policy for the holidays, so I always make extra.

 Our Menu

 Appetizers – by request

 Main Meal

 Desserts – by request

And more than the food, I am looking forward to spending time with my family and loved ones on such an important day of the year. We have so much to be thankful for, and there is nothing in life like your family.

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?

I’m excited to be a part of this edition of Collectively Creative! The theme for this month is, appropriately, being Thankful.